Safety and Workboats

We can operate up to 60 Nautical Miles offshore using our 44 ft steel hulled workboat which can also be used as a dive support vessel if needed. We also have an 18ft shallow drafted vessel and a 13ft safety boat, both of these are for use on inland waterways, harbours and estuaries. There are also a number of inflatable ribs available for safety boats and an 8ft dinghy for streams and ponds. All of our smaller boats are fully road transportable allowing us easy access to inland waters. For working on quay sides, under bridges and general construction work, a 3 x 2 meter pontoon is available. This will take up to 4 people and a scaffold tower. Having only a 2 inch draft it can be used almost anywhere. We can also act as support for environmental cleanup and pollution control. All safety boats are crewed by experienced and well trained crews who are qualified in first aid. All Vessels are coded by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency and are fully insured.
Safety and Workboats
  • Wind farm Support
  • Dive Support
  • General Work Boat Duties
  • Safety Boats
  • Construction Support
  • Quay Sides
  • Bridges
  • Marinas
  • Marine Pollution
  • Oil Spill Clean Up
  • Pontoon Work
  • Plough & Bed Levellinging